Debra Oselett – Five New Skill Sets for the Modern Practice Administrator

Debra Oselett has been working as a practice administrator for a local medical practice in Rochester Hills, Michigan since 2008. She has considerable experience as an accountant. She took accounting classes at Oakland Community College, and soon after founded her own accounting firm; one that helped many other small businesses balance their budgets and leave room for expansion. As a practice administrator, she has found that these five new skills are essential to her duties:

  • Advocating change. With the healthcare field in flux at the moment, practice administrators have to be able to be active partners in creating the change that all medical practices have to undergo to adapt. Debra Oselett helped implement new credentialing practices for doctors with multiple insurance companies.
  • Understanding business culture. All businesses have different internal cultures. As medical centers change and merge with each other, the practice administrator has to know how best to create a holistic approach to developing the right business culture.
  • Adapt to accountability changes. Changes in how different parties are accountable to whom and why have already begun to affect the medical field as a whole. Debra Oselett helps her staff adapt to these changes as practice administrator.

Debra Oselett has learned much about the changing nature of medical facilities and the medical field in the United States as a whole. She has shifted her focus as a practice administrator to be able to adapt to these changes and help her staff work better with patients and doctors. She has developed skills beyond the accounting and management prowess she came to the practice with.