Debra Oselett – Proud to Volunteer for Meals on Wheels

Debra Oselett is a practice administrator for a local private medical practice in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She has worked and trained as an accountant and manager for many years. For ten years, she helped run an accounting company that managed the books and budgets of many small business clients. As a healthcare worker now, Oselett has seen the effects that poor nutrition and poor access to food have on the elderly population. In addition to helping to shift her practice’s policies to help Oakland County’s rising elderly population, Oselett also assists in delivering hot meals to the elderly with Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels is the famous charitable organization known for delivering meals to the elderly throughout the United States. Debra Oselett helps deliver meals door-to-door for people who do not have easy access to regular meals. As the population of the United States grows older every day, community services provided by organizations like Meals on Wheels will become more essential. As more people live longer, the cost of living longer is increasing. Debra Oselett hopes that her efforts and the efforts of her local Meals on Wheels chapter can help stem the tide of negative repercussions on the local elderly population.

Debra Oselett helps provide a much-needed service with other volunteers in the Oakland County area; not for recognition, but to help real people in a real community every day. The elderly population in Oakland County needs help like hers to thrive as the years go on. Oselett hopes that more people will join the fight against elderly isolation and hunger.