Debra Oselett – Proficient with Peachtree/Sage Accounting

For a practice administrator and former accountant like Debra Oselett, being able to work with as many accounting and bookkeeping software programs as possible is a huge asset. Oselett learned about accounting and how to manage assets and budgets at Oakland Community College. From there, she helped form an independent accounting company that helped many small businesses manage their books more effectively. For many years, Oselett utilized the capabilities that Peachtree/Sage Accounting has. She could see that learning how to use software like this can lead to excellent opportunities in the future.

Debra Oselett learned much about how to use Peachtree/Sage Accounting at Peachtree seminars. She wanted to put forth the effort to learn as much as she could about how to effectively use the software so that she could help her clients at the time she was running her accounting company. Debra Oselett brought her skill and knowledge of the program with her to help run the practice she now works at, which is located in Lake Orion. Peachtree/Sage Accounting is one of the oldest microcomputer programs for business that is still in current use. Many companies and accountants the world over still use this program, one that was originally released in 1978. It was first introduced to most users when it was included as a default program on IBM’s first personal computers. The Sage Group acquired Peachtree in 1998 and changed the name of the program. Several iterations have been released over the years, each one improving function and ease of use.

Debra Oselett has effectively used this program for many years as an accountant and a practice administrator.