Debra Oselett – Volunteering With Meals On Wheels

Debra Oselett has always enjoyed helping other people. When she isn’t busy working as a practice manager, she can be found volunteering with the Meals on Wheels charity. Volunteering with this organization is a great way to help other people.

Find A Charity

There are many different Meals On Wheels charities in the country and there is likely one close to you. Do some research to find out which organization is closest to you and what area they serve.

Find The Time

You should be able to volunteer a few hours a week to help with the charity you choose. Check your schedule to see which days work best for you. The charity will benefit from someone who can be consistent so try to do so if at all possible. You may even want to create a small schedule to help you keep track of your volunteer time.

Find A Role

What can you do to make the charity or organization more successful? You may have certain skills that can help the people who work at Meals On Wheels. Once you have found a charity to work with, ask them what you can do to help and let them know about your skills and strong points.

If you are looking for a way to help other people in your community, you may want to consider volunteering with the Meals on Wheel organization. Even volunteering just a few hours can make a big difference.