Debra Oselett – How To Become A Practice Manager

Debra Oselett has been working as a practice manager for several years. She enjoys her career and is thankful that she pursued the position. If you are interested in becoming a practice manager, these tips can help.

Attend College

You will need to attend college to earn your degree and obtain the knowledge needed to become a practice manager. You may want to pursue a degree in finance or accounting and focus on learning about computer programs and running an office.

Complete An Internship

After college and before you begin looking for a position as a practice manager, you may want to complete an internship. Your internship will allow you to work in the career field while still learning more about the necessary duties and requirements of a practice manager. You may be able to complete your internship while you are still in college.

Find A Position

You may need to start with an entry-level position where you work alongside another practice manager before you can move up and get a job working as a practice manager yourself. During this time, you can learn more valuable skills that will prepare you for your career.

If you are looking for a rewarding career that will keep you on your toes, consider becoming a practice manager. Debra Oselett enjoys working with people and helping practices run smoothly. The above tips can help you become a practice manager.