Debra Oselett – Tips for Operating Your Own Business

Debra Oselett is currently serving as a practice administrator for a medical office in Michigan. Before she began working in the position in 2008, she operated her own company in the accounting industry called Balanced Pennies. Operating her own business gave her the experience she needed in her current position. Here are some tips for business owners.

Start with a solid plan. All new businesses need a plan of attack in order to be successful. Most business owners will find that they don’t have enough capital to get their company up and running on their own, which means they will need to attract investors and earn loans from the bank. You’ll need to show both investors and banks that you have a plan for the future that is viable for your business.

Make the customer priority number one. If you want to operate a successful business, you have to be thinking about the client, no matter the industry you operate in. Do your research regularly, even after your business is up and running, in order to stay ahead of market changes that impact customer wants and needs. You also need to put a good amount of time into developing a customer service strategy.

Think about the future. Every successful business owner has a plan to grow, which means developing products, looking for larger office spaces, or even diversifying your product inventory. The more research you do on your industry, customers, and market, the more equipped you’ll be for growth.

Debra Oselett understands the process of starting and operating a successful business in a competitive industry.